Where to Find the Top Ad Formats to Earn Big Money


The modern smartphones and devices bring exceptional possibilities for people who want to get benefits in every sphere of life. The modern devices allow people to receive news, communicate conveniently, and use it for business purposes and for entertainment. The possibilities of modern research have recently increased significantly due to the usage of advanced devices and software solutions.
The app developers and marketers now try to use all the mobile devices’ possibilities in order to increase profits and make their applications visible. The digital era offers a bunch of special technologies and ways to implement a great marketing strategy and gain impressive results once using advanced program tools and devices. The mobile applications available on the current market need to have a set of special features and offer advanced possibilities for users to download and install them. According to the recent surveys, with the average profit of over $190B in 2020, the mobile app industry will probably become one of the most profitable niches of the economy worldwide.
If you want to increase your profits together with the mobile app economy grows, make sure you know all the secrets of how to turn your application into a moneymaking instrument.

Use Native Ads

Among a bunch of improved types of ads, the native in-app ads are probably one of the most effective. They allow reaching a huge number of users. Moreover, this is the exact type of ads which does not bother users much since it only appears for a few seconds on the users’ screens. Besides, these ads are relevant to the exact information users search by the means of mobile devices or tablets.
Almost 98% of media buyers report that native in-app ads are one of the most effective and goals achieving types of ads. The recent Stanford University research shows that this special advertising type is very convenient for users since people always know they are looking ads related to their previous searches.
This is the exact type of ads, which s not very annoying and provides only relevant information. The native in-app ads are characterized by higher eCPM rates than display ads in fact.

Payable and Interactive Ads

Users prefer clicking on the exact ads that gather their attention. They do not like irrelevant information. Therefore, you need to be clever enough to know how to provide interesting information to intrigue the user. Often, marketers tend to interest the user with the possible winning or gift offers, thus the box with “Open your Gift” is quite popular among online ads. The interactive ads are aimed at stimulating user to click on ads and buy the advertised item or service. Mostly, interactive ads remain fun advertising offers, focused on a strong people desire to get some free offer or a big winning.
About 90% of businesses report that interactive ads are a very effective business instruments nowadays. Payable ads are aimed at letting users play a short game and sent a user to the store page in order to download the exact game or application. Many companies provide short versions of games to make the users interested in their apps and make them buy an application or a game eventually. Payable ads are well-promising trends of the current market, with the free game offers, clever ad ideas, and impressive results.

Rewarded Ads

Rewarded Ads are named the most effective ways of mobile app monetization since they keep a rate of over 75% among other familiar monetization methods. Rewarded ads include intriguing offers of extra lives, improved game levels, special points and a chance to reach a premium content. These offers gather the users’ attention and increase the base of loyal users. Rewarded ads are very effective advertising tools, and one of the fastest methods of mobile app monetization nowadays. They offer short in-app videos sending to the page with downloading offers providing extra features in the same time. This is one of the top monetization methods used but Apple store and Google Play Market in 2018.

According to the recent studies, interactive ads bring up to 32% increase in profit for every app development company. In fact, the most important is to provide effective and memorable ads to let the people see your application and know about its top characteristics and features. The modern technologies and software solutions bring additional benefits to users and allow app development companies to increase their profits significantly.

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