Android Installs Packages
Starter Pack
  • 500 Android Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Light Pack
  • 1000 Android Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Professional Pack
  • 2000 Android Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Ultimate Pack
  • 5000 Android Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Are the installs I order legal?
The ordered Android installs are legal. We always attract only trusted testers. We offer installs from various users, who use numerous devices, different IP addresses, and various GEO locations. Our assigned users keep the application for more than 3 months, using the app time to time.
Can I schedule a number of installs to deliver per day?
You can easily schedule a number of installs to deliver per day. We work with our clients’ schedule in order to deliver a needed number of installs for our client’s full satisfaction.
Can I select the countries for the installs delivery?
We offer an opportunity to select the countries you need for your promotion campaign. You simply need to contact our manager or live support group representative, and they will instruct you how to maintain the GEO for your order.
Can I order keyword-oriented installs?
We deliver keyword-oriented installs for your application. You need to contact our managers to discuss an order. Please, once ordering installs, notify that you need keyword-oriented installs.
What is the Retention Rate and % of Uninstalls?
We offer over 3 months of Retention Rate. In addition, we provide 3-4 app openings per week. Our % Uninstalls are minimum even lesser than 10%. We always check a balance of that and can deal with any clients’ request.
Do you send notification of the services delivered?
We send every client a report on the email address you noted as the payment one. We can also provide reviews’ screenshots, usernames’ list and dates of reviews written if needed.

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It’s not an easy task to reach success in the Google Play Market. This app store requires developers to have particular efforts and knowledge. However, any developer can always buy mobile app installs. It is one of the aspects of promoting your app which is extremely popular and what’s not less important – highly efficient. When a developer is able to get app installs, thousands of users start paying attention to his app. It’s a paradox but in order to be installed, your app must have a large number of installs already. Why? The answer is very simple – the more installs you have, the more helpful and reputable your app is considered by users, while its rankings are high. When your downloads are low, your app’s rank is low, too. It means that users will not have any interest in your app. As a rule, if any app has more than 10.000 installs, it has higher ranking is considered to be efficient and reliable by users.

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When launching his app and adding it to the Google Store, each and every developer wants to have the highest Google app installs. But very often the statistics are too disappointing. Users do not pay attention to new apps with low installs on the market, simply because your app won’t appear in the top lines of the search. How to reach the top positions and start selling your app and getting profit from it if no one wants to install it? You should simply buy android installs. Our devoted and professional team offers several marketing models to choose from. And you should choose the one suitable for you and meeting your requirements and goals.

We help you decide which model is better and suitable for you after you specify what kinds of downloads you seek. Each app is developed for its specific purpose and has its style and genre. And your ad campaign should be built according to these criteria.

If your app is designed for the USA users, for example, you do not want it to be downloaded by thousands of users from other countries. So, such criteria should be taken into account. The downloads should be relevant and only in this case, your app will be visible properly.

If you want to have more installs, we give you our accurate guidance on how to buy app installs and increase your chances of success significantly.

Before starting your campaign either on the local or global level, you should realize what audience is your goal. Once you know it, you can select the location and the necessary knowledge, and choose a package suitable for your needs and final goals.

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