iOS Installs Packages
Starter Pack
  • 500 iOS Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Light Pack
  • 1000 iOS Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Professional Pack
  • 2000 iOS Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Ultimate Pack
  • 5000 iOS Installs
  • Only real installs
  • Different traffic sources
  • 3+ months of retention
  • Can be scheduled
Are the iOS installs I order legal?
Your ordered iOS installs are legal. We always assign work to trusted testers only. We offer installs from various users, who use numerous devices, different IP addresses, and GEO locations. Our assigned trusted users keep the application for more than 3 months on their devices, using the app occasionally.
Can I schedule a number of installs to deliver per day?
We offer an opportunity to schedule a number of iOS installs to deliver per day. We work with our clients’ schedule in order to deliver a needed number of installs for our clients to reach their top promotion goals.
Can I select the countries for the installs delivery?
We offer an opportunity to select the countries for the installs delivery. You simply need to contact our manager or live support group representative, and they will instruct you how to maintain the GEO for your definite order.
Can I order keyword-oriented iOS installs?
We deliver keyword-oriented installs for your application. You need to contact our managers to discuss an order. Please, once ordering installs, notify that you need keyword-oriented installs.
What is the Retention Rate and % of Uninstalls?
We offer over 3 months of Retention Rate. In addition, we provide 3-4 app openings per week. Our Uninstalls Percentage is minimum and remain less than 10%. We always check a balance of that and can deal with any clients’ request.
Do you send notification of the services delivered?
We send every client a report on email address defined as the payment one. We can also provide reviews’ screenshots, usernames’ list and dates of iOS reviews written if needed.

Top Quality iOS App Downloads

You might wonder why would you buy iOS app downloads? The reason is very simple – App Store uses certain algorithms which define that an app with a low iOS downloads number should not and will not appear in the top results of the search. And this aspect is especially important for those developers who post their app in the store for the first time.

How to increase the popularity of your app then, if it is new in the market and no one can see it to download? Well, there is a way – developers can buy targeted iOS downloads and increase its popularity within just a matter of days. Depending on how much traffic you drive, users will download your app and its popularity will steadily grow.

This way of advertising is crucial for the success of your app, so you should not neglect it. Modern users use the stores on a daily basis in search of certain apps for their tablets and smartphones. And their choice can be influenced by certain factors. The number of app installs in one of these factors.

The reason is that when your app has a significant amount of installs, it appears in the top positions of the search line and its rank is pretty high. Users pay attention to the apps with the high rankings, good reviews, and a high number of installs only. It means that just a few people have installed your app, other users will not pay attention to it because of their mob mentality. A low number of installs means low quality for them, it’s a marketing law.

That’s why the business monsters buy iOS downloads constantly. New customers see that the app has a large number of installs and it means that it is popular among users, thus, it is interesting and helpful.

When thinking of your app promotion strategy and ways of getting the highest income possible, you should not forget about the app store marketing because it really works! Find out about the perks of buying the iOS USA installs below.

Benefits from Buying iOS App installs

Our experts with a large experience offer iOS targeted installs at a reasonable price. What results will you get when ordering such services?

When developers start launching their apps, they start searching for various ways of promotion. And sometimes, they spend days and nights on social media trying to promote their apps and find their target users but fail. They put so many efforts but the number of installs doesn’t grow significantly. With our services, you do not have to browse social media day by day in search of targeted users. Our services allow you to reach your goals within the shortest periods of time.

You should weight all the pros and cons and get thousands of iOS targeted installs thanks to our marketing services!

Keyword iOS App Promotion

In case you have zero experience with app seo, you’re going to need the expertise of a reputable App Store SEO service that has needed app store optimization tools and plenty of optimization achievements in their portfolio. Luckily for you, you’re already on the website of a company that will help your app get to its deserved position. Promotion of apps has never been more effective than it is with the help of our services.

If you’ve developed an iOS app, you know for sure how important it is to make it visible on the relevant store. Be aware of your competition, while it increases every day. This will help you generate the profit you deserve. An effective app promotion will ensure success for your app. Majority of users does not even look below rank 10 when searching by keywords. Thus, your organic traffic totally depends on your app ranks. Keyword installs help increase your app ranks in search.

Both ratings and reviews are really important for any developer, while they guarantee downloads and app popularity. Buy iOS keyword installs will help a lot if your app has lots of competitors on the market, while everyone wants to be on the rankings top.

We offer a unique opportunity to boost your app rankings and bring it to the very top. You can buy the keyword installs and be sure to have the best ratings for your app and tons of organic downloads!

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