iOS Reviews Packages
Starter Pack
  • 10 HQ iOS Reviews
  • Only real unique users
  • Fluent content in reviews
  • Can be keyword-optimized
  • Scheduled/Customized
Light Pack
  • 30 HQ iOS Reviews
  • Only real unique users
  • Fluent content in reviews
  • Can be keyword-optimized
  • Scheduled/Customized
Professional Pack
  • 50 HQ iOS Reviews
  • Only real unique users
  • Fluent content in reviews
  • Can be keyword-optimized
  • Scheduled/Customized
Ultimate Pack
  • 100 HQ iOS Reviews
  • Only real unique users
  • Fluent content in reviews
  • Can be keyword-optimized
  • Scheduled/Customized
Are your iOS reviews safe?
Yes, we deliver only safe iOS reviews. Our assigned trusted app testers from different countries who access the app via various devices and different IP addresses provide positive iOS reviews. Every tester installs the application first, check its main features, and only then write a positive review and puts a 5-star rating. The app is kept on the tester’s device for more than 3 months after.
Can I choose a number of iOS reviews to deliver per day?
We offer pre-scheduled delivery, thus you can schedule the number of reviews to be delivered per day. You choose it according to your personal needs. Our writers can follow your instructions or can offer you the most suitable delivery speed for your application.
Can I write texts for my iOS reviews?
We have a group of professional writers who can perform unique positive reviews. In case you want to provide your own text for reviews, feel free to upload them and we will follow your instructions. Be aware, we can provide reviews in different languages.
Can my reviews be deleted with time?
We have never dealt with the practice to delete genuine reviews. Since we always follow Apple Store Policy and provide reviews from real users only, and never violate the rules, thus our reviews always remain safe. In case, the reviews removal occurs, we will provide additional iOS reviews for free.
How long my iOS reviews will stay?
We provide permanent reviews, thus they will stay forever. Even in case of an app upgrading or updates, the reviews will remain visible.
Do you send notifications of the reviews delivered?
We send every client a report on email address marked as the payment one. We can also provide reviews’ screenshots, usernames’ list and dates of reviews written if a client needs it.

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